Final Project

This final project was enjoyable. I took the opportunity to do a feature, because I felt that the time that we had was more conducive to this type of story. Gaines Hayes is a friend of a friend who is graduating from the University of Florida and attending the University of Virginia for graduate school.

One of the best parts of this project was the ability to be creative. I was able to ask general questions and pick a setting that I felt best represented the situation. I chose the stadium because it’s an iconic part of UF and a huge part of the student life. It was hard to condense the video into only two minutes because I was given so much information, which is a good problem to have. In the end I was able to cut it down to just over two minutes. I also think there was just enough background noise so that the video was not silent, but that he was clearly heard.

One of the harder aspects of the assignment was getting B-roll. Because he was talking about past experiences, I could not come up with video for those situations. Instead, I tried to incorporate his last moments as a student at UF and one of the best parts of graduating: pictures in your cap and gown. Although it may not correspond with his words about concerts and dining halls, it fits in with the overall theme of the video, which is leaving behind a place that he called home for four years. I also liked using both video and photos for my B-roll, because I think it provided a good diversity throughout the two minutes of interview.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project and though I may wish I could have had more B-roll, meaning gathering footage over a much greater time span, I think the video came out well. This is a project I would be willing to do again.


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